Whenever you see kitchens on TV’s drama series, you wish your own kitchen had the same clean, tidy and fabulous look as those. Some people would consider having a kitchen like that is unrealistic and to them, the film makers just organize those kitchens for drama’s scene not for daily use.

Actually, your kitchen can totally be tidy as a photo on magazine or drama’s scene when using it every day. These are 3 tips that you could follow to arrange your kitchen.

  1. Maximize visible flat spaces

Look at this picture:



Do you see that this beautiful kitchen has a lot of clean, flat and blank spaces? The floor, the table’s surface, the areas around the oven, they are all blank.

You might ask: So where are all the kitchen tools and food?

They are all stored in the invisible places such as inside of the cupboard, the cabinets, the refrigerator. So the first tip you should know is use all the containers you have in your kitchen to hide your kitchen items.

However, remember you know exactly where you put those things to pick up when you need. The items you love and use usually should be handy and those which are only used occasionally could be grouped up and hidden at a corner of your kitchen.