Manual Vs. Electric Meat Grinder! What type will you choose ?

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You may be wondering if you should have an electric or a manual meat grinder?  You can also want to experiment with different types of burgers. Once you start using a meat grinder to grind your meat, you won’t want to go back to store-bought meat again. With a meat grinder, you can easily control what you eat. Continue reading this article to learn the advantages and disadvantages between an electric and manual meat grinder in order that you can easily decide to choose the best meat grinder for you.


  • Manual meat grinder:

This grinder is an ideal choice for people who want to own stand mixers. It is not suitable for grinding huge quantities of meat. The grinder can grind two to three pounds of meat each minute. This type of meat grinder is ideal for grinding intermittently.old-meat-grinder-1323665-640x480 (1)

  • Pros :

Manual meat grinders are much less expensive than other meat grinders because of its simple design. You just have to spend about $25-$50 on buying a manual meat grinder. Therefore, this may be one of the best choices for almost users. This is also all you need. For this grinder, the best advantage is extremely stable. Besides, it has a small and simple design that is convenient to use in a limited kitchen space. If you own a small house, a manual meat grinder is a right product for you.

  • Cons:

When using a manual meat grinder, you have to use your own power to grind your meat. You have to constantly twist and crank the grinder when grinding the meat.

Some manual meat grinders require users clamp it to a surface such as tabletops and countertops. If your table is thicker than normal, it will be more difficult for you to properly clamp a manual grinder on.

A manual meat grinder won’t be able to grind a large amount of the meat like an electric meat grinder. You have to keep in mind when using a manual meat grinder because you may get some problems if your clamp model slips loose.

  • Electric meat grinder:

The grinder allows you to grind a large amount of meat in a short time because it comes with a powerful motor. You can easily grind meat for meatloaf, burgers or sausage. This type of meat grinders can also help you diversify your meals. This is a great product you should consider.


  • Pros

If you use an electric meat grinder, grinding meat will be more effective and much faster than a manual meat grinder. Moreover, setting up an electric meat grinder is also faster than a manual meat grinder. With an electric unit, you have not to fit it on your work surface so you can save your time.

  • Cons

The cost of an electric meat grinder is definitely more expensive than a manual grinder because of its complex design and its conveniences. You are paying for a meat grinding process faster, easier and more efficient.

If you find a best electric meat grinder, you should choose STX international stx 3000 tf.

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Benefits of bay window for your modern house


To create your eye-catching house, you had better add more modern features such  as walk-in closet . and bay window. I know a large number of homeowners think that this traditional decoration way has been too outdated but that is misconception. In this article, I not only provide you the up-to-date bay window ideas but also show you how it is worthwhile thanks to its benefits.

Obviously, besides its countless advantages, it also has some certain limitations as cost and the good treatment especially your room due to your designer will take advantage of the outdoor space to reach the successful installation. In the event of your small room, perhaps you will be suggested leaving your room which looks like the potted flower.

Below are the main reasons why it is very good for you to install this bay window:

  •      You home will have the extra valuable square footage
  •      Your room is received more light thanks to the panoramic glass because it allows sunlight to enter from several different directions.
  •      Your space is clearer when you close or open window
  •      With your good design, you can flexibly use it with many different purposes such as daybed, reading nook, bench, storage unit, built-in shelving, dining or kitchen banquette and the combination of some of them.

     Now, if you really want to add it into your house, let you consider 7 important elements below:

  1.     Create a impressive architecture for your whole room

According to the professional experts, this type of design is considered as an impressive architecture design for any rooms but you have to find out about how it influences your entire room. In case, you are not sure with your choice, let you ask for assistance of free online room planners to see a great many different options of window arrangement then choose the most suitable one.

  1.     Become the focal point of your whole room

The bay window area is often compared to cocoon so human being will be attached by its warm. If you  would like to turn bay window into focal point of the whole room, you must utilize a variety of colors for this place as textural fabrics or multiple pillows.


  1.     Be used to store

This decoration method is also quite popular because it not only keeps your valuable items away dirt but makes your room as tidy as possible.  This combination will bring you a clean and compact area.

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Secret for a nice orderly kitchen


Whenever you see kitchens on TV’s drama series, you wish your own kitchen had the same clean, tidy and fabulous look as those. Some people would consider having a kitchen like that is unrealistic and to them, the film makers just organize those kitchens for drama’s scene not for daily use.

Actually, your kitchen can totally be tidy as a photo on magazine or drama’s scene when using it every day. These are 3 tips that you could follow to arrange your kitchen.

  1. Maximize visible flat spaces

Look at this picture:



Do you see that this beautiful kitchen has a lot of clean, flat and blank spaces? The floor, the table’s surface, the areas around the oven, they are all blank.

You might ask: So where are all the kitchen tools and food?

They are all stored in the invisible places such as inside of the cupboard, the cabinets, the refrigerator. So the first tip you should know is use all the containers you have in your kitchen to hide your kitchen items.

However, remember you know exactly where you put those things to pick up when you need. The items you love and use usually should be handy and those which are only used occasionally could be grouped up and hidden at a corner of your kitchen.

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